What is Youth Program ?

YOUTH (You to the power TH aka YOUTH) is an award and title given to selected youth below 27 years of age. They are mostly from STEM  education. These YOUTH are  volunteering icon of promoting digital awareness, new technologies and other activities for the welfare of the community. As an Ambassador for technology, socio-economic activities, these YOUTH will be empowered with skill enhancement training for their personal and professional growth so that they can help in raising awareness among the peers, community and contribute to community. We are proposing the Youth Program as an annual award program designed to recognize and reward the most talented and most proactive STEM D students for supporting their personal and professional growth and could contribute to the academic and technical community. These youth will act as volunteers for raising awareness in community. This is a yearly title that will be given to selected students based on their performance.


Who can apply?

In order to be eligible for the award, They must be:

  • Below 27 years
  • An undergraduate or post-graduate student at an eligible university
  • Passionate about technology and willing to share their expertise with others at their college/university
  • Colleges where we're nominating Youths: All  public and private  undergraduate colleges and post-graduate colleges  in Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan.

Do you want to…

Take some challenges and apply for youth program?

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Application Process

Unlimited will select these Youth through following process:

  • Applicants need to fill up  application form online.
  • As soon as applicants finish up with online application  form,they need to submit their registration charge  which is NPR 1,000+13% Vat at Unlimited  Building which is located at Khichapokhari  opposite of pashupati plaza.
  • An acknowledgement email will be sent to you within a week of your application to the Orientation Program at Unlimited Building if you are in an academic institution around Kathmandu and within a month if you are in an academic institution outside of Kathmandu. All additional details of the process and the procedures to be Youth would be detailed during the presentations at the orientation. At this time, the following kit will be handed over to each and every applicant who are invited to the orientation.
    • T-shirt
    • Notebook
    • Pen
    • Meals/snacks during the orientation program
    • Name tag
    • Tote bag


Timeline of application process

  • Orientation Programs: Weekly depending upon the number of applicants
  • Interviews:  Various dates for only serious candidates only. Interviews may be over the phone or in face to face at the MIC Nepal Office. Not everyone will be called for a face to face interview.
  • Final list of Youth published: At July end, an SMS will be sent to their mobile phone.

Our team

About us

Unlimited Technology P Ltd that carries 26 glorious years of maturity and one of the leading IT company in Nepal. For the past 10 years, Unlimited has been running the Microsoft Innovation Center in Nepal.

Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal provides students, customers and partners with a comprehensive set of programs and services. The goal of these centers is to foster innovation and growth in local software economies.
In Nepal, Microsoft Innovation Center provides access to world-class resources for students, software developers, IT professionals, academic researchers and entrepreneurs.
Primary areas of focus includes:

  • Building skills and intellectual capital through training courses, employment programs and mentoring experiences.
  • Fostering industry partnerships through programs on how to work successfully with Microsoft, as well as through the cultivation of local and regional industry alliances.
  • Increasing innovation at the local through hands-on engagements, such as labs geared towards the interests of ISVs, startups, partners, students, entrepreneurs